Gun Show Canceled

A message from the AFAD President regarding the cancellation of the Defense & Sporting Arms Show this August 2014. The Defense & Sporting Arms Show is the longest running show that promotes security, self-defense, responsible gun ownership and shooting as a sport.

G entlemen, the cancellation of the gun show was not something we wanted. It was not a whim, in fact, it was an excruciating decision, a most difficult one. With the current issues on the IRR, we have been beaten black and blue. We hear the gun owners cry for help as the system is slowly killling the industry. Do we win as dealers? No. This is a lose lose situation. For us, for the gun users. For the workers that have been laid off, for the families that have lost their income. It may have escaped your notice but some gun stores have closed while most of us have downsized. It is not a pretty picture mind you. It is an issue that eats us every single day as we work our way to finding a solution, we do not need to shout nor announce what we have been tediously working on as in the past when AFAD was at the forefront of the “lenient” years that the gun enthusiats have enjoyed. So please excuse me if i feel slighted, as we grapple to live one day at a time , i think it is better to hear sensible suggestions and ideas instead of a call to bickering.
To the gun enthusiasts, We are one with you in this flight to survive.”