News 5 interview of the AFAD President

AFAD President Atty. Hector C. Rodriguez Jr. during an interview with TV5 reporter Carlo Castillo said that the whole Association is hopeful for the continued growth of the industry under a Duterte presidency.

Asked to comment on the statement of President elect Rodrigo Duterte on banning the licensing of high powered firearms, Atty. Rodriguez replied “The statement of our President elect Rodrigo Duterte is still consistent with the law.”. The President elect’s statement may have been referring to Class-A light weapons only. The Republic Act 10591 defines a firearm as two types, the small arm as “a weapon [pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle] intended to be fired from the hand or shoulder, which are not capable of fully automatic bursts of discharge…” and the Class-A light weapon as “self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, submachine guns, assault rifles and light machine guns not exceeding caliber 7.62MM which have fully automatic mode…”.

The AFAD President goes further by mentioning that the positive aspect of the President elect’s statement is that “He [President elect Duterte] will continue to allow civilians to carry firearms for some valid reasons.” Which is good news to those who are under constant threat and need the means to self-defense.

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