Shift in Licensing Procedures

Notice to the Public

Pursuant to Republic Act 10591 otherwise known as “An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof” dated May 29, 2013 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations Published on December 07, 2013, please be Informed that the Firearms And Explosives Office (FEO) will be receiving the existing application form and requirements for purchase and transfer of firearms up to the last working day of December only.

Effective January 2014, the FEO will start processing such type of application in consonance with RA 10591 wherein an individual or juridical entity is required to apply for a License to Own and Possess as a pre-requisite to the application for Firearm Registration.

Please be Guided Accordingly

Louie Tiroy Oppus, PESE
Police Chief Superintendent

Acting Chief, FEO